The EkoMiko Project with Izabella Miko

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Izabella Miko, co-star of Clash of the Titans

IN the fall of 2009, while working feverishly on concepts for future promotional shoots, I was introduced to actress Izabella Miko, co-star of the blockbuster movie Clash of the Titans. We hit it off instantly and talked of collaborating together on a future photo shoot. At the time, Izabella was dedicating herself to upcoming film projects, but was also hard at work developing her eco-living foundation EkoMiko. Originally from Poland, she has always been very passionate about educating people in her homeland about simplistic, economical ways to lend a hand in keeping our planet beautiful. Now living and working in the United States, Izabella feels it is important to spread the word here, as well as globally.

scott witter photography

EkoMiko poster (click on photos to enlarge)

When Izabella approached me about shooting images which promoted EkoMiko, I knew right away that it would work well if the concept tied in with her character of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, whom she portrays in Clash of the Titans. I also wanted to try and make it a “non-celebrity” looking photograph. It needed to be as raw as possible, as well as having mother nature (or elements of it) as a focus point. I wanted the image to tell a story, as if she was the “Goddess of Eco-Living”. I couldn’t help but to envision one of my favorite books as a child Lord of the Flies. After researching Athena, we decided on wardrobe that would embrace the greek goddess idea without being too literal. Instead of using typical olive leaves, I wanted to create a hand-made headdress out of natural materials that she could call her own. The color green typically identifies most things eco-friendly, but wanting to do something a little unique I opted to allow only the leaves in the headdress represent that color. Everything else was to have subtle earth tones, aside from the white dress. As for the location, we shot at a beautiful spot on the beach in Palos Verdes, CA.

scott witter photography

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It was a great pleasure working with such an inspiring and talented person as Izabella. She couldn’t have been more gracious and down-to-earth (hence her quest for absolute green living). We all feel the shoot was a colossal success and hope that others will be influenced into making a change in their daily routine to live a more eco-friendly life. Be sure to check out the EkoMiko web site for tips on how to do just that or to make a donation. Click here to see the behind-the-scenes video.

the photographs

scott witter photography
scott witter photography

This was actually a dual project. While shooting for EkoMiko, we also shot photographs of Izabella with bags that were manufactured out of recycled movie posters and banners. What a great idea. Check them out here at

the bags

the outtakes

making of the headdress

EkoMiko Foundation launch party at La Vida in Hollywood

scott and izabella

*Special thanks to Izabella Miko, Renita Gale and Vanessa Witter for helping make this happen.

*All images copyright 2010 Scott Witter Photography

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