The Dandy Warhols at The Glass House

This may have been the best show I have seen since we moved out to L.A. It was in a very intimate setting. The Glass House is small, like the Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill (my old stomping grounds). No alcohol was served, which was fine for us. There was an interesting crowd which included older gay men, aged-alt cougars, and some younger college hipsters whose first introduction to the Dandys was probably from the film Dig!. Not sure where we fit in exactly. It didn’t matter though. I’m glad we got there early to catch the first band, L.A.’s The Meek. Excellent. If you are into Blonde Redhead and Portishead check them out. The Dandys played everything I wanted to hear, plus tunes I had never heard. They were much more experimental with pedals, feedback, and such than I had expected them to be. Well done. They had a great time on stage, especially Zia… she really got into the songs. You could tell they really wanted to be there playing their music for us. That means a lot to the audience. The Dandys had played the Playboy Mansion the previous night for a legalize marijuana benefit. I got the feeling that they were pleased it was only for one night. They were definitely “Cool as Kim Deal” in Pomona. I can’t wait to see them again and would love to photograph them one day.

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