Repo Man locations 30 years later

One of my all-time favorite movies growing up was the cult classic film Repo Man from director Alex Cox (who also directed another favorite Sid & Nancy) and stars Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton. This movie has an amazing soundtrack as well which features Iggy Pop, Black Flag, Circle Jerks and many others. Recently I bought the movie via iTunes and while watching I noticed that many of the locations looked very familiar to me. In particular the areas pictured below, which is my old neighborhood located in downtown Los Angeles’s Arts District.

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Repo Man locations 30 years later. Click to enlarge.

Recently I went back to the area for a photo shoot and snapped a couple of photos taken from approximately the same vantage point. The areas circled in red is the old loft my wife and I lived in for two years (Molino Lofts).  This is definitely a hot spot for filming… more recently Drive, House (finale), and Parks & Recreation among others.

I pretty sure when I first saw Repo Man back in the eighth grade (and living in South Carolina) I didn’t say to myself, “Hey! I’m gonna live there one day!”. I guess the world is funny that way.

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