Meet the Dog People

Dog People
Christie Gee of the Dog People Project

Earlier this summer I got an itch that really needed scratching. No, not that kind of itch—c’mon people—it was of the creative nature. But what was going to be the calamine lotion to soothe this irritating sensation? Taking photographs, of course. Which brings me to the subject of this post, my current personal photo project (and how I spent my summer), Dog People.

While at one of the local dog parks in the downtown LA area, my wife Vanessa and I saw an odd, but cute, dog/owner pair. Both had strands of purple-dyed hair with clothes to match. Eureka! A lightbulb went off in my… errr… actually Vanessa’s head. The idea was that my upcoming photo project was to include owners and their dogs who live, work, and/or play in the downtown Los Angeles area. Being a dog owner myself I immediately fell in love with the concept. Our interest in the ever-growing subculture of dog owners and their dogs (these “dog people”) we see walking about in the city also played a major role. And so it began. The next two months consisted of passing out flyers, casting, scouting, scheduling, concepting, and most importantly, shooting (my favorite part). Every dog had its own unique personality as well as a special bond with their human companion. Eighteen photo sessions, numerous lighting set-ups, four 10oz bags of dog treats, many long hours behind the computer later… and I’m now here writing.

So what are “dog people” exactly? They go on lots of walks, give many belly-rubs, and are very careful where they stash the dark chocolate. But, much like their (let’s be honest) less popular counterparts the “cat people,” they can be downright dorky about their furry friends, as you’ll see in future posts. Ok, so enough chit chat. Let’s get to the good stuff… the images. To view, go to and click on the Dog People category. Feel free to bust out some old school Snoop Dogg on the iTunes to enhance the experience. Stay tuned for upcoming postings (this is your cue to subscribe to blog) highlighting the participants with their images and a little fun Q&A. Why don’t we start things off with two 0f my favorite characters from the project, Christie and her dog Zooey Beans…

Dog People
Christie Gee of the Dog People Project

Occupation? waitress, blogger

Interests?  music, tattoos, making mix cd’s, vegetarian food, theology

Favorite thing to do in downtown LA? eating at Wurstkuche!

Downtown LA would be more awesome if it had a… record store


My first pet was a… guinea pig

Dog’s name/age? Zooey Beans, 1.5 years old

My dog goes crazy for… water bottles, tennis balls, and dirty socks

Last object my dog destroyed was… my boyfriend’s socks

I love my dog more than… my material possessions! she is my best furry friend.

I’m happiest when my dog is… sleeping with her head on my pillow at night. so adorable!

If my dog was in a movie what actor would do his/her voice? Zooey Deschanel. That’s who she’s named after!

*All images © Copyright 2011 Scott Witter Photography

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