Jana Kramer Nationwide Photo Shoot

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Jana Kramer for Nationwide Insurance Campaign

Earlier this year I was honored to work with advertising agency McKinney for a Nationwide Insurance shoot featuring country music star Jana Kramer. We shot here in Los Angeles on the set of the television shoot taking place at the same time (see official spot below). Aside from working with a very talented Jana Kramer, another special plus was working with long-time friend Kellie Bingman who is an art producer at McKinney. Kellie, as well as the rest of the McKinney crew, has years of great experience and it was a real pleasure being a part of their team. One of the challenges of the shoot (along with finding the right music selection) was replicating some of Jana’s actions and movements from the tv shoot. But Jana’s professionalism and dedication came through and we ended up with some really great shots (I think the “Mission Impossible-like” theme music helped as well). Hopefully I’ll be able to have someone construct a leather outfit like Jana’s for myself to wear on future photo shoots. Or at least to wear to any upcoming Hollywood events… I believe it would be rather appropriate.

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Jana Kramer in Nationwide’s ‘Join the Nation’ campaign.
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Jana Kramer and Scott Witter

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10 thoughts on “Jana Kramer Nationwide Photo Shoot”

  1. She would make a GREAT replacement for Ziva in NCIS. Much better than the blonde chick they have on the series now.

  2. Jana has the athleticism and grace … and a captivating face; no doubt destined for more great days ahead. Love the lady from Michigan

  3. Makes us think Nationwide IS on our side (in more ways than one). At least SOMEONE in that company had enough smarts to create and cast the perfect ad for their product. They’re clearly doing SOMETHING right. We WISH that we had this same antitheft good girl in our OWN residence, ready to provide the same instantaneous belongings replacement service to US (take my wife, please?)!

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