James Goldstein Photo Shoot

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James Goldstein for Quote Magazine

Earlier this year I photographed the one and only James Goldstein for Quote Magazine. And when I say one and only I mean it… there’s no one like him. His Beverly Hills home, designed by John Lautner and featured in films such as The Big Lebowski and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, was a dream to shoot in.  The walls of the home are lined with photos of James and other celebrities who have visited his home over the years. Actually, when the crew and I arrived there was another shoot going on (which I never was notified about) featuring the recording artist Cee Lo Green. Fortunately they wrapped pretty soon after we arrived and I was able to get what I needed. We shot in various locations of the house and finished with portraits of Goldstein in his newly contracted nightclub (called Club James), located just below the tennis courts that overlooks LA. You can read more about the NBA Superfan on his Wikipedia page as well as this great article in Interview Magazine. For now, enjoy the photographs….

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James F. Goldstein
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Goldstein in his Beverly Hills home.
Goldstein looks out of his bedroom onto LA's cityscape.
Goldstein looks out of his bedroom onto LA’s cityscape.

goldstein outside

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Declan Eytan, James Goldstein, and Scott Witter

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