Footwear News Assignments – Bruno Frisoni and Miranda Selwyn

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Bruno Frisoni

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of shooting two assignments for Condé Nast publication Footwear News. The first job was a portrait of Bruno Frisoni, a celebrity creative director for the famous fashion designer Roger Vivier who specialized in shoes. Vivier, who is credited with the design of the first stiletto heel and passed away in 1998, has many luxury shoe stores across the globe. Last April this high-end boutique brought it’s first shop to Los Angeles and Bruno (along with me, my assistant, and a cart full of gear) were there for the grand opening at South Coast Plaza. I always do a lot of research on my subjects before a shoot, and while doing the same for Mr. Frisoni I found an interesting quote from him that read “Men shouldn’t wear white socks.”. On the day of the shoot I intentionally wore gray socks and while shooting I asked Bruno about the quote (while raising up my pant leg to reveal my sock’s color). He laughed and told me that it always depends on the trends of today. Looking back maybe I should have worn white.

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Miranda Selwyn

The next assignment took me to the notorious music venue on the Sunset Strip, The Roxy. The subject, shoe designer Miranda Selwyn, is an avid concert goer and chose The Roxy as the perfect setting for our portrait. Miranda, senior designer at Seychelles, was a delight to photograph. A little nervous at first, but opened up right away as we began take photos. Shooting at The Roxy was a little surreal… especially while it was empty. I couldn’t help imagining the ghosts of John Lennon, Keath Moon, Bob Marley, and John Belushi still roaming the premisses each time the shutter clicked. Read more about Miranda, Seychelles, and her love for music on the Footwear News website.

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