Barcelona Girl

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I’ve just returned from Barcelona… one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever traveled to. To write about the trip itself is another blog post all-together. But I will say that being there was quite magical (in a non-wizard way). The food, architecture, culture, history, people, and scenic views needed more than a week’s stay for me to thoroughly take it all in. It was hard not to get lost in the medieval alleyways, alcoves, and winding streets. It was also not hard to find a suitable location for my next portfolio shoot. It was a goldmine of “Scott” locations (as my wife Vanessa calls them). I was fortunate enough to hook up with very talented model Sohaila Lindheim before we left the states, who worked out great. Shooting was certainly a rush. It was easy to imagine the ghosts of Picasso, Gaudi, and Hemingway leering over my shoulder as I lined up each shot. I’m already looking forward to going back.

To see the full series of photographs go and search through the Fashion+Music category. Also, to see snap shots from the trip check them out on my Facebook Page.

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