Dog Person of the Day: Sarah and Sunny

dog people

When Sarah Newton showed up to my studio for a portfolio shoot I was pretty taken back. With her long dreadlocks and unconventional style she seemed to float, not walk, into the shooting space. As you can imagine, Sarah was awesome to work with… very laid back, personable, and open to ideas (probably why she was voted Miss High Times of 2007). After our shoot (which you can see images from at I knew we would work together again. When she told me about her dog Sunny it was obvious to me that I wanted to photograph the duo for my Dog People photo project. The results were outstanding. We also shot lots of video on the 5D which I hope to have together soon. So without further delay… meet Sarah!

Occupation?  Actress, writer, artist

Hobbies/Interests?  surfing, skating, yoga, painting, creating, hula hooping, the cosmos, philosophy, traveling through space-time

Relationship to Downtown LA?  Lived downtown for the past year in a very unique artistic space that was once a Chinese restaurant. This was Sun-dog’s first concrete backyard.

Favorite thing to do in downtown LA?  Indulging my soul in Yoga and raw food at Peace Yoga and getting creatively inspired at Temple of Visions.

Downtown LA would be even more awesome if it had…  a badass community swimming pool for those poor kids stuck in the concrete jungle 24/7.

Website/blog address? (in the works),,

My first pet was…  an amazing stray dog name Dixie that jumped in our car when I was 4 and stayed with for 15 years!

Dog’s name & age?  Sundara Lotus, 6 yrs old

My dog goes crazy for…  peanut butter and stir fry…and she loves skating, biking, and hiking with me too.

Last object your dog destroyed?  My Moroccan Rug when she puked on it last week!

I love my dog more than…  my anything. She is my best bud and travelled with me from Texas three years ago. She’s got my back and that’s priceless.

I’m happiest when my dog…  is able to run around happy and free in nature.

If your dog was in a movie, what actor would do his/her voice?  Helen Mirren. My dog is kind of regal and British with a cool demeanor.  I’m pretty sure she was a bitch queen in a past life and was reincarnated as a dog as her “bitch karma”. She’s still adjusting 😉


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