Dog Person of the Day: Radhaa, Bella, and Little Girl

Dog People
Radhaa Nilia of the Dog People Project

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Dog People project was not just the images that were created, but the wonderful people I had the honor of meeting and working with. Radhaa was certainly one of those people. When she showed up on set with her dogs Bella and Little Girl I knew at that moment it was going to be a great shoot. Radhaa had a vibrant energy that really came through in the photographs. I had actually given her direction to wear something a little more casual and when she arrived in that stunning dress I knew I had made the wrong call. Her selection really added to the scene and gave the portrait more of a painterly quality which I couldn’t have been more pleased with. Now introducing Radhaa…

Occupation?  Artist of many mediums including actress and model. It’s all energy to me!

Hobbies/Interests?  I adore nature, travel, film, metaphysics, health & healing…. always of well being.

Relationship to Downtown LA?  Work. Play. Adventure. Downtown is cool because it offers so much variety and you end up creating your own experience. I have had the great pleasure of working on a few photo shoots at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Downtown is fun and lively… always something new for me to explore.

Favorite thing to do downtown?  For some Asian flavor I go to Little Downtown Chinatown. Be sure to try the pho!

Downtown LA would be more awesome if…  it had and outdoor roller skating rink with music!

Website: &

My first pet was…  a rat named Athena.

Dog’s name & age?  Bella, 3 yrs and Little Girl, 1 yr

My dogs go crazy for…  other dogs. They think they are pint size pit bulls instead of multi poo and mini me.

Last object your dog destroyed?  My favorite knickers (blushing)

I love my dogs more than…  anything I have ever owned. Unconditional love = Priceless.

I’m happiest when my dogs are… by my side, hiking, or cuddling with them before bed.

If your dogs were in a movie, what actor(s) would do their voices?  Whoever does the voices of Ren and Stimpy!!


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