Dog Person of the Day: Nick and Jetson

I first met Nick and Jetson when Vanessa and I were walking our dogs in the neighborhood. Nick had just rescued Jetson, he was very thin and in need of a meal and some TLC. And thanks to Nick, Jetson is a happy and healthy pup today. For this shot I wanted to bring an certain intenseness to it. I wanted the viewer to feel that they were getting a glimpse into a quiet moment with owner and dog. With man and his best friend. Nick and Jetson stepped right up to the plate for the task. They definitely show their bond as they overlook the city at dusk. Now, meet Nick and Jetson:

Dog People
Nick and Jetson of the Dog People Project

Occupation?  Independent Artist and Graphic Designer

Hobbies/Interests?  Surfing, concert photography, music/concerts, traveling, and kickin’ it with friends

Relationship to Downtown LA?  I moved downtown because it reminded me of where I was born and raised (Chicago) and where I lived previous to LA, New York. The more hustle and bustle the better if you ask me!

Favorite thing to do downtown?  Explore and create

Downtown LA would be even more awesome if it had… A soccer mom filter.

Website/blog link?

My first pet was… A hamster named Scamper.

Dog’s name and age?  Jetson, estimated at 9 months

My dog goes crazy for…  Raw beef and the dog park!

Last object your dog destroyed?  My friend’s motorcross boots

I love my dog more than…  That nice couch he destroyed that really tied the room together.

I’m happiest when my dog is… Running through trails and jumping in streams.

If your dog was in a movie, what actor would do his/her voice?  Denzel Washington

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