Dog Person of the Day: Matt and Renge

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Dog Person of the Day: Matt and Renge

I first met Matt when we decided our dogs needed a little “coaching” in the behavior department. Matt’s dog training services came highly recommended  so we had him over as soon as he had an opening. Upon our introduction I could tell right away that he had a “way” with our beloved furry friends. As soon as we started the training I felt like I was on an episode of… well, that guy on Nat Geo. It was interesting to learn that Matt had once had a fear of dogs. That gave me great confidence in what was to come. He showed us much more in one hour than we could have learned reading dozens of books (thankfully Matt had done that on his own). If you need someone to help you out in the dog-traning arena then Matt’s definitely your guy. His instruction goes way beyond simple sit and stay commands, but rather teaches the owner their role as the alpha as well as establishing an anxiety-free environment for your pet.

Asking Matt and his dog Renge to be included in the Dog People project was a no-brainer. He jumped at the chance and I feel we captured one of the best shots of the series.  Now let’s hear from the dog whisperer himself….

Occupation?  I’m a dog whisperer, as well as being professionally creative.

Hobbies/Interests?  Helping others, music, acting, writing, teaching (don’t even own a tv anymore)

Relationship to Downtown LA?  Primarily through my work with dogs.

Favorite thing to do in downtown?  To date, my favorite I have done is pose with my dog for Scott, followed closely by working with his dogs, Rio and Luna.

Downtown LA would be more awesome if it had…  A beach.


My first pet was…  A fish, a Beta. I’d heard that after the females lay their eggs they eat the male Beta because he’ll eat the eggs. I watched those fish for weeks and it never happened. I think I named the male Beta “Alpha”.

Dog’s name & age?  Renge, age 5. My fiance and I just adopted a Sharpei/Pit Bull puppy named Nama (i.e. “Nama, stay!”). She’s 11 months.

My dog goes crazy for…  Running along side my bike (Renge). Nama goes crazy for running after Renge when he’s running along side me with my bike.

Last object your dog destroyed?  My Radiohead concert t-shirt, but only because I gave it to him. Apparently he loves Radiohead.

I love my dogs more than I love…  My Beta fish.

I’m happiest when my dogs…  Are at peace.

If your dog(s) were in a movie, what actor would do his/her voice?  I guess the female would have my fiance’s voice ’cause that seems to be who’s speaking for her all of the time (sounds a lot like Simba in ‘The Lion King’). And Renge would sound like the voice I used when I played Papa Bear in the national children’s theater tour of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears – The Musical’ (you know, a “talking bear” voice – I think I stole it from the old Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland).

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