Dog Person of the Day: Jillian & Gali

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Dog Person of the Day: Jillian and Gali

Meet Jillian Fratkin and her dog Gali!

Occupation?  I work at Playclothes Vintage Fashions in lovely Burbank, CA.

Hobbies/Interests?  Improv, museums, hiking, and live music 

Relationship to Downtown LA?  I’ve lived all up and down(town) of this bitch.

Favorite thing to do in downtown?  I like to drop in at the 8th Street Bottle Shop in the Golden Gopher and pick up some artisanal beer.

Downtown LA would be even more awesome if it had a…  Relapse Theatre to entertain the masses.

Web Site address?

My first pet was…  a wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback named Odessa.

Dog’s name & age?  Gali is his name and he is whatever age dogs are when they are crazy as hell, but extremely well trained.

My dog goes crazy for…  Silver Lake dog park.

Last object your dog destroyed?  Somewhere lies a headless monkey.

I love my dog more than my…  ability to find a place to live easily/cheaply in this (down)town.

I’m happiest when my dog…  let’s me sleep in the morning and then cuddles my face off before breakfast.

If your dog was in a movie what actor would do his/her voice?  Breckin Meyer


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