Dog People of the Day: Price, Salman, & Scout

One of the best things about living in the downtown area are the individuals I meet on a daily basis. Two of those people -ahem- dog people, are Price and Salman Agah. Price, a talented art consultant, and Salman, a pro skateboarder, own the popular Pizzanista!, a delicious pizzeria that I frequent as much as possible (the white pizza with broccoli rabe is a must have!). I photographed them with their dog Scout on the steps of the abandoned Lincoln Heights jail, which was made famous in the book and film LA Confidential (the actual location of Bloody Christmas). Yeah, creepy. But fun. Now enjoy a little Q&A with my new friends:

Dog People
Price and Salman Agah


Occupation?  Price: art consultant/pizzeriateur  Salman: pizzeriateur/professional skateboarder

Hobbies/Interests?  Traveling, skateboarding, motorcross, reading, eating & hosting dinner parties, checking out galleries & museums

Relationship to downtown LA?  We have lived in the arts district since 2004 and own a restaurant, Pizzanista!, in the neighborhood as well.

Favorite thing to do in downtown LA?  Eat, drink, and be merry!

Downtown would be more awesome if…  it had a Whole Foods.

Website/Blog links?,,

First Pet?  Price: yellow Labrador Retriever named Vandy. Salman: an American Bulldog named Paxton.

Dog’s name/age?  Scout, 12 1/2 year old female American Bulldog

Our dog goes crazy for…  chickens (just even the word “chicken”)

Last object your dog destroyed?  Our other dog’s shoulder when they got into a tiff a few years back.

We love our dog more than…  just about anything.

We are happiest when our dog is…  cuddling up with us watching movies.

If your dog was in a movie what actor would do her voice?  Cate Blanchett.


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*All images © Copyright 2011 Scott Witter Photography

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