Dog People of the Day: Leonard, David, and Friends

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Dog People of the Day: David, Leonard, and their Dogs

When I first saw Leonard (featured right) and his caravan of pups walking around the neighborhood I thought “this has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen”. He was pulling a John Deere wagon with four adorable dogs peeking their heads out and looking like they were having the time of their life. As I was casting for the Dog People photo project I knew that this crew had to be involved. When I approached Leonard about the project, and delighted that he wanted to participate, he told me an interesting story about the rescue of his pugs, Rose and Viola. In his own words:

“Rose and Viola (Cory and Bora being their Korean names) were adopted from Happy Angels Dog Rescue, Los Angeles, a Seoul South Korea based foundation. Rose, the tripod, was released to a shelter and Viola was found on the street, dropped off at a restaurant. Given the custom of eating dogs and the flourishing dog meat market, this was not a happy fate. Happily they now live with us having been flown, by the agency, to our home. It is an incredible organization, working hard to rescue dogs that have outlived the cute puppy phase. They also work hard to close down the brutal and perverse dog markets.”

When Leonard arrived for the early morning shoot he brought along his partner David, who I had not yet met (and who was equally as charming as Leonard). I was excited to add another couple to the series which was unexpected. The shoot went great and the dogs couldn’t have been more photogenic. So now find out a little about them along with their “greeting card-esque” family portrait…

Occupation?  Leonard, studio painter. David, psychoanalyst

Hobbies/Interestes?  Shrinking and painting, our work defines us. That and the dogs of course.

Relationship to Downtown LA?  Leonard’s studio is in downtown and David’s practice is in Beverly Hills. Alas lots of schlepping back and forth.

Favorite thing to do in Downtown?  Popping into The Last Bookstore and the Los Angeles Opera.

Downtown would be even more awesome if it had… More bookstores, decent bistros, bakeries, corner markets and fruit stands, typical urban amenities, LACMA & the Getty Center. ANYTHING that keeps us out of our cars.

Website address?

My first pet was…  A beagle named Duke.

Dogs name & age?  Buddy the dachshund 16, Speck the chihuahua 8, Rose the tripod pug-dog 6, Viola the other pug-dog 3-4.

Our dogs go crazy for…  Us.

Last object your dog’s destroyed?  Nothing, they are close to perfection.

I love my dogs more than my…  Mother.

I’m happiest when my dogs…  Are asleep.

If my dog was in a movie what actor would do his/her voice?  Maria Callas

*See more heart warming rescue stories on the Happily Ever After page on the Happy Angels site.


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