Colin Kaepernick Photo Shoot for MoGo Sport

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Colin Kaepernick

Recently I got a call to shoot San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for Mogo Sport, a company that makes flavored mouthguards (for the record, Colin’s favorite flavor is fruit punch). On top of being an incredible athlete, he’sa super nice guy and was a lot of fun on set. After a day of shooting Kaepernick with a variety of mouthguards we did some more portrait-like shots of him showing off his now-famous tattoos. Check out the photos, as well as the behind the scenes video, below.

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Colin Kaepernick
mogo, sports, quarterback, san fran
Colin Kaepernick for MoGo Sport

BTS Video:


Project Details-  Client: MoGo Sport  Agency: French West Vaughn  Studio: The Studio

*All images copyright Scott Witter Photography

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