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Lol Tolhurst Photo Shoot for Cured Memoir

the cure, cured, book, book tour, memoir
Lol Tolhurst photographed by Scott Witter

Since high school The Cure has been one of my favorite all time bands ever. Like, life-changing favorites (don’t ask me what my favorite album is or my head might explode). So when I was able to photograph co-founder Lol Tolhurst for his new memoir Cured, I can tell you Continue reading Lol Tolhurst Photo Shoot for Cured Memoir

Beach Day Photo Shoot

beach day, band, music, surf, hollywood, fl, florida, kanine records, 60's, indie, npr

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Hollywood, Florida’s own Beach Day. The band with the 60’s sound was here in Los Angeles recording some of their latest tunes, so we took the opportunity to grab some promo shots (check out the new 7″ single here). As I expected, they were super fun to work with and we walked away with some groovy shots. Check out the links below for more info on the band… you’ll thank me.

beach day, band, music, surf, hollywood, fl, florida, kanine records, 60's, indie

Beach Day links: Tour Dates, Bio, Beach Day Music, Buy 7″ Single and Tee

Check out Beach Day interview on VICE as well as being featured on NPR Heavy Rotation list!

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Adorama TV Interview with Scott

This past October I was contacted by the delightful Kelsey Hazlewood, producer over at Snapfactory based out of Phoenix. After reading a blog post which interviewed me about my recent Dog People photo project, Kelsey and her team, including photographer Mark Wallace, asked me to do a web interview for Adorama TV’s “How’d They Do That” series. I jumped at the chance and the result was a 17 minute video (yes, I can be a little long-winded) which talks about my style, the gear I use, where I draw inspiration for my images, and of course the Dog People project. Feel free to comment and most of all… Enjoy!