Calling all CURE fans!

the cure

Hello All!

I’m starting a personal photo project which will feature portraits of hardcore Cure fans. I was inspired to do this after seeing last week’s Cure show at the Pantages, and being an avid Cure fan myself I’m confident that this will be a cool project. The portraits will be done in my live/work studio in Downtown Los Angeles. The images will be very simple, similar to some of me recent studio portraits (also think CK One adverts from the 90’s, as well as image posted below). I’m looking for ALL types, But particularly fans who have more of a Goth look (or can at least pull it off for the shoot). Other stylish characters are welcome too. (Note: I do realize that all Cure fans don’t go around wearing black eyeliner, etc. I don’t. But as a visual story teller it’s my job to convey a message without words so pushing the edgy look helps. That being said, if you are a true Cure fan don’t hesitate to contact me! You’re just as important.)

Compensation will be a high quality print and web file of final, as well as being showcased on my web site and blog. I’d eventually like to have these projects featured in galleries and/or published book. My last project, Dog People, was a great success and I’m hoping to get an even greater response with this one. Below are some links to the Dog People publicity.

If you fit the part or know someone who does, email me at along with a recent pic. Feel free to forward message/link to other Cure fans! I plan on shooting this December and Janruary. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

the cure

Dog People links: Wonderful Machine, Adorama TV, Meet the Dog People

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