Becker and Sattelberger: Two Wild and Crazy Girls

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TradioV’s Alsion Becker and Jessica Sattelberger

Remember the SNL sketch, “Two Wild and Crazy Guys“, played by Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd? While the Festrunk Brother’s comedy still holds up today, I believe we’ve reached an age where women in comedy are finally being heard (thank God). As some may think we have a long way to go in that department, you can’t deny that comedic wonder-powers Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wig, Carrie Brownstein (among others) have taken us by storm. Recently I was lucky enough to photograph two of these up-and-coming talents, Alison Becker (Parks and Rec, Kroll Show) and Jessica Sattelberger (OBVS, Dark Matter with Dave Navarro). These kind of shoots are some of my favorites as it’s all about having fun and pushing the limits. And we certainly did just that as you can tell from the photographs.

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Sattelberger and Becker

Fortunately for me, these two were up for anything and directing them was a breeze. It’s such a blessing to be on a shoot where the creative energy is shared equally and everyone is on the same page.

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Not long after our shoot Jessica and Alison invited me to be on their weekly radio show B.S. with Becker and Sattelberger which airs on TradioV. Could I have had a better time? I don’t think so. (check out the episode here).

Below are some links to help you find these Queens of Comedy on the inter-web:

Alison Becker:, twitter, and see her on the upcoming second season of Adult Swim’s Newsreaders.

Jessica Sattelberger: OBVS, twitter, Dark Matter

Alison on recent Gay of Thrones:


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